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Monotype Workshop in Guanajauto, Mexico! January 28-February 5, 2020

My world is once again broadened by Ron Pokrasso, Artist, Educator, and Master Printer. I completed a 7 day intensive workshop on Monotype and Mixed Media Printing in Guanajuato, Mexico. The workshop was held at Piramidal Grafica, owned and operated by our host Hugo Anaya. Hugo provided our group with wonderful boutique accommodations along with his recipes for amazing meals prepared by his staff.

Surrounded by 13 creative souls in a 16th century colonial city located in the mountains of central Mexico, I found a bit of heaven. Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a treasure of history, culture and beauty. A 16th century city built on hill sides with brilliant colored buildings and a fascinating network of tunnels that run under the city like a subway system, yet there are sidewalks for pedestrians and automobile intersections with no stop signs. The city is charming and is not overrun by tourists. I came home filled with inspiration for future art pieces based on incorporating the colors, forms, lines and energy I saw and felt in Guanajuato. The vibrant city provides a superb way to experience the Mexican culture at its best. As stated by Never Ending “Despite its beauty it’s not perfectly restored and retains a gritty realness—it’s a city where people live, work, study, and play,

not a museum piece for tourists.”

I pushed myself further into the art of Monotype printing through various methods of mixing, modifying, layering inks, using and abusing mark-making tools, and exploring the limits of paper. I further practiced the art of chine collé, collage, drawing, along with intaglio printing methods. The opportunity to be in a workshop that is open to both beginner and professional artists that allow students to show their vulnerability without fear of judgment is priceless. Everyone had something to offer and all were willing to learn and explore new possibilities of the art form…just perfection!

We all owe it to ourselves to seek new adventures and new acquaintances that fulfill our individual goals and to further achieve our dreams.



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