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Artist Statement

2023 Patabstract studio deep work -94.JPG

     My artistic journey commences with stillness and patience, a silent communion with nature. In those quiet moments, I observe—whether it be a bird hunting for prey or a reptile basking in the sun, the sheer power or serene calmness is captured through the lens of my 35mm.

     In addition to my love for nature, I am equally inspired by the diverse patterns, textures, and lines I encounter around the globe.  I merge photographic images with printmaking techniques such as photogravure plates, chine collé or collage.  This process allows me to echo vibrant patterns and color palettes discovered in my visual explorations.

     My abstract paintings aim to convey the exhilaration experienced in nature's powerful spectacles – from the majestic ascent of a swan to the intense dive of an eagle, emerging triumphantly from the water with its prey. Guided by the rich and vivid hues observed in birds and reptiles, my palette reflects the raw power inherent in these awe-inspiring encounters.

     Art serves as a gateway for me, inviting viewers to share in the awe, power, and splendor of nature through every stroke on canvas or through a correlation between line and pattern as projected in my paintings or monotypes.  It's a quest for connection, a challenge to express the unspoken, surpassing the confines of words. Through my art, I articulate the unsaid, beckoning others to join me in this world of wonder and discovery.

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