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Pat Painting Photo Aug 21, 12 16 16 PM - Copy.jpg

Drawing from the vivid energy of wildlife encounters, Pat infuses her artwork with raw emotion, employing various tools and mediums to capture these impassioned connections. Her pieces echo the textures of natural landscapes, resonating in abstraction on canvas and within her monotype prints. In 2015, after retiring from a successful career in the travel industry, Pat delved headlong into her lifelong artistic aspirations. Her pursuit led her to a dedicated learning journey, absorbing knowledge from books, online resources, and hands-on workshops, meticulously refining her artistic craft through relentless practice. Embracing a transformational period in early 2019, Pat commenced intensive training under the tutelage of Master Printmaker Ron Pokrasso, engaging in multiple workshops and collaborative endeavors within his studio. Her monotypes found their way to esteemed exhibitions across New Mexico, showcasing her evolving expertise. Seeking to enrich her mixed media skills, Pat found guidance from master instructors including Diane Williams, Chuck Potter, Beverly Todd, and Michael Shemchuk. Her mixed media paintings have graced juried exhibitions, with a notable highlight in 2021—her work was prominently featured and published at the 34th Annual McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition. A native of New Mexico with a penchant for travel, Pat has embraced various locales in the US and abroad, now finding her creative sanctuary in Northern New Mexico with her husband and two dogs.

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